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What are bad credit loans?

If you have a bad credit score but you need extra cash today, you can get a loan that takes your bad credit history into account. These are loans that can be found online, because lenders working through the internet are flexible with the credit scores. Anyone with any credit type is welcome to request a bad credit loan. They are paid back like any regular loan.

If I have a bad credit loan already, can I refinance it?

In most cases you should be able to refinance a bad credit loan, but for specifics you should speak with your lender. Your lender will give you all the specific details regarding a refinance.

How do bad credit loans work? What should I know?

To request bad credit loans, you simply go online, complete an inquiry form and submit it to Plus Bad Credit Loans. We aren’t lenders, but we’ll be happy so share our list of reputable lenders with you. After a speedy review, you could receive a loan offer to read and sign. After agreeing to it and signing the offer, your lender will arrange your funds. You can pick them up and spend them without restriction.

If I already have a bad credit loan, will I be able to get another one too?

Are there specific documents that I will need to provide when requesting a bad credit loan?

The documents required are standard, such as your legal, state issued ID and proof of income. Other than that, your lender will need to know your email address and the details of your bank account. This is enough to start the process, and if more documents are needed your lender will specify which ones to send.

After I get my money, how do I send in my monthly payments?

Your lender will gladly share the payment options with you upon signing the contract. One of the popular ways of paying is by automatic transfer from your bank account. There are some lenders that allow you to pay cash at a specific store front. You can ask your lender if other options are available.

What should I expect if I miss a payment on my bad credit loan?

If you miss a payment, the first thing you should do is contact your lender to negotiate repayment. Do this as quickly as possible. You will need to pay a late fee, so the faster you get the missing payment taken care of, the better. Once you are back on track, try to always send your payments in on time.

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