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About us

We are here to help you manage your need for a quick loan. We aren’t lenders so we can’t give you money, but we can lead you to lenders who are available to help you. By taking a minute or two to send us your inquiry form, we can get started right away. We’ll share your request with our lenders and try to connect you to one of them. Once a connection is established and you receive a loan offer, you are free to work directly with that lender.

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Whenever you run into money problems and don’t know which way to turn for help, turn to us! Send your inquiry form to Plus Bad Credit Loans and let us help.

Fast Service Anytime

Is it the middle of the night or are you on your lunch break? Anytime you have a few moments to send us your request for a loan, we will be happy to help.

No Hidden Fees

When you work with our customer service team, you don’t need to wonder if there are hidden fees. There won’t be any! When you sign the offer, you can clearly see how much you’ll be paying.

Benefits of Working with Plus Bad Credit Loans

Always Open

Unlike an office where you need to make an appointment or arrive at a specific hour, we are always available for you. When you need fast cash, you only need to go online to fill in your form with basic details about yourself and send it in. We’ll take over from there, by distributing your needs to an expanded network of online lenders.

Simple Loan Process

When you use our service, we will help you find a lender who can prepare a loan for you quickly. We have a list of many lenders and when we share your request with them, they will all get a chance to review it. This will save you a lot of time and you’ll get your money faster.

Service You Can Depend On

We want you to feel confident that you are in good hands. When our service reps open your request for cash, they will work quickly to help you locate a lender for your needs. Our site is open 24/7, so you don’t have to wait to submit your request.

Have any questions left? Get the answer now!

Am I eligible for a bad credit loan?

No matter what your situation is, you are welcome to submit your inquiry form to us at Plus Bad Credit Loans. We are here all the time and will help you find a lender. We work with a long list of trusted lenders and once they review your request, you’ll find out right away if it is accepted. You can send in your request any hour of the day or night.

How should I send in my payments for a bad credit loan?

Our lenders all have preferred methods of payment, so depending on which lender you work with, the payment system can vary. You might be given options, or you might be required to set up an automatic payment system through your bank. Some lenders only want cash payments, which you can take care of at a specific store front.

After I get my money, are there any limits on how I should use it?

Once the money is in your hands, it’s yours. No one will put restrictions on how you should spend it, so it’s all your choice. Maybe you want to knock off some bills with it or cover medical expenses. It’s all your choice.

Will someone let me know when the payments are due?

When you sign a contract with your lender, you’ll receive a complete payment schedule. If anything is unclear, you can speak with your lender about it.

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